Industries Served


Our FRP door systems are manufactured for industrial applications

Since fiberglass cannot corrode, rot or rust, our products are ideal for corrosive
environments that quickly destroy even stainless steel doors. These include
industrial facilities where regular sanitization is required, as well as locations
that by their nature are inherently corrosive to steel doors.

Chemical & Drug Manufacturing
Fertilizer Production
Oil Refineries
Petrochemical Plants

Food & Beverage Processing
Bottling Companies
Egg & Poultry Farms
Food Processing & Packaging
Meat Processing & Packing
Poultry Processing

Animal Holding
Biotechnology Companies
Clean Rooms
Food Testing
Medical Research & Health Care
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Veterinary Clinics/Animal Hospitals

Merchant vehicles
Off-shore rigs

Pulp & Paper
Container Manufacturing
Lumber Treatment
Paper Mills
Paper Recycling
Pulp Processing
Textile Mills

Power Generating Plants
Hydroelectric Plants
Landfill Facilities
Recycling Facilities

Water & Wastewater Treatment
Drinking Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Industrial Water Treatment