Our door products are specifically designed to contribute to the goals of sustainability. Their performance in use, extended service life, and better thermal efficiency help to conserve material resources and energy.

Thermal Performance Saves Energy
The thermal efficiency of the building envelope has never been more important. Our doors can help reduce heating and cooling loads. In independent testing, the insulating properties of our doors panels were confirmed at an R-value of 7.42 (ASTM C1363 Thermal Performance Testing).

Durability Reduces Lifecycle Cost
A true test of sustainability is the ability to function well for a long time in the specified application. Our products do just that. Because of their materials of construction, our door systems do not corrode, making them ideal for applications that quickly lead to rust and failure of hollow metal doors. Our unique pultrusion process make our doors extremely impact-resistant, so they can tolerate heavy use in industrial facilities. Not only are our doors built to last, we stand behind them with a 10-year parts and labor warranty.

In addition, our heavy-duty doors are lightweight, minimizing wear and tear on hardware and framing components to prolong life on the entire entrance.

Indoor Air Quality
Our products are frequently specified for corrosive environments in interior locations such as food and pharmaceutical processing where IAQ performance is an important consideration. Because our door system products are manufactured from thermoset plastic and full-cured two-part urethane, plus are completely sealed, they typically have very low emissions.